Let Us Fix It!

We are one of the few places left
who repair audio equipment!

Calvin McCaskill is our lead technician, an electronics expert who has been repairing audio components for over 45 years.

If you have something you’d like repaired, follow these two simple steps:

Step One:

Please email or call us with the make, model, and symptom(s) of the equipment you need repaired. IMPORTANT . . .

Please make sure you include your phone number!

We have a non-refundable fee for diagnosis and we don’t want to charge that fee unless our technician is fairly confident that he can repair the unit.

  Email: info@upstairsaudio.com

  Phone: (803) 256-3277

Step Two:

A technician will call or email you as soon as possible.

The non-refundable fee will be applied to the repair (when applicable) and dependent upon parts, we can usually have your unit back to you within a couple of weeks.