Welcome to the Azar International Consumer Electronics Museum (AICEM)

The AICEM is a project started by Joseph Azar of Columbia, SC in 2016. After selling consumer electronics for over 45 years, Azar noticed that the world of consumer electronics had become a disposable world. The rapid growth of technology paired with a greater demand for lower prices spawned the use of low-end, low-priced components from China and other countries where quality was not a concern. As people began to kick their high-end stereo equipment to the curb in favor of the new technology, Azar realized the design and build of these wondrous machines whose evolution he had observed over the years may soon disappear.


Because there was no place to preserve these machines for posterity, Azar began the first museum of its kind. There are plans for sharing in the building and maintenance of the AICEM with many powerful forces in the consumer electronics ionosphere. We hope you’ll enjoy what you see here and return again as the project grows. Welcome!


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