TERK PMDA mast mount dual amplifier/diplexer




Combines satellite and terrestrial television signals from a dual-LNB satellite system.

TERK’s PMDA uses state of the art electronics. TV signals are amplified and introduced onto each of the satellite downloads. The weatherproof and sunlight resistant housing will ensure many years of dependable operation.

Who needs an amplifier/diplexer? Anyone who has a TV antenna and two satellite receivers and wants to watch regular television broadcast using the same coax wiring.

Can I install it myself? Yes. Just follow the easy directions on the back of the box.

Why TERK? TERK’s PMDA has a high-quality signal amplifier and built-in splitter/diplexer enabling the user to combine and amplify satellite and off-air signals



Impedence: 75ohm matching
Satellite Insertion Loss: 2.0dB Typ
Frequency range: Ant 54-806MHz
Sat 950-2150MHz

Product Features

  • Impedence matched across all bands for a better picture
  • Compatible with yagi, log periodic, and other outdoor antennas
  • Mast mount technology for versatility
  • High signal throughput
  • Weatherproof and sunlight resistant housing
  • Easy installation