GlassLink through-the-glass satellite dish to receiver connection (Model 1111)


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Don’t Drill holes… send signals through window glass!

New product in the original box

Model #1111 – For single pane glass

Connect the dish outside to the receiver inside without drilling holes for the cable. Attach one half to each side of the window, it installs in seconds.

Glasslink is bi-directional passing the signals from the dish through the glass to the receiver. It also passes the control voltages and dish power from the receiver back to the dish.

All this convenience with no loss of signal quality.

  • Saves Time—installs in seconds
  • Avoids damage—no holes to drill
  • Maintains signal quality
Bandwidth from dish to receiver: 950 MHz to 1.45 GHz
Voltage range from receiver to dish: +10.5 VDC to + 21.0 VDC
LNB current range: 130 mA to 200 mA
Operating temperature range: -40 F to + 122 F
Single pane window thickness range: 0.085 to 0.101 inch (A.S.T.M. single strength)