Radiient Technologies Repeat-6 (Demo Model)




The Repeat-6 HDMI Distributor from Radiient Technologies is an HDMI distribution amplifier that features (1) input and (6) outputs. It can distribute and repeat HDMI, HDMI/HDCP, DVI, and DVI/HDCP signals. The unit supports resolutions up to 1080p and is HDCP- and HDMI-compliant.

It is well suited for use in home theaters, bars, restaurants, schools, churches, or any other application that requires HDMI distribution. The HDMI source signal can be taken from DVD players, DVRs, PCs, or any other similar HDMI-enabled equipment.

It also features a signal repeater architecture that enables cable runs of up to 100 ft in total at 1080p, making it well suited for use as a repeater. The unit can be controlled through front-panel push buttons, the included IR remote, or an RS232 serial port.

1×6 HDMI Distribution:
Distribute (1) HDMI source to up to (6) displays at will.

This unit supports standards up to 1080p.

Extended Cable Runs:
Cable runs of up to 100′ total are possible at 1080p.

Control the switch via front-panel push buttons, the included IR remote, or an RS232 connection.



  • HDMI Signal Distributor for Multi-Display Applications
  • Comprehensive HDCP Support for best in-class compatibility
  • Repeats and distributes HDMI, HDMI/HDCP, DVI, and DVI/HDCP between any device or type – select-4 switch, DVD, Blu-ray, HDTV, HD Monitor, AV Receiver
  • One (1) HDMI Input distributed to six (6) HDMI Outputs/Displays
  • Flexible outputs support any combination of active displays
  • Tested and guaranteed performance for 1080p signals
  • True repeater architecture enables 100 ft. long cable runs at 1080p
  • Integrated IR Remote control storage
  • HDMI and HDCP Compliant
  • Flexible outputs – supports any combination of active displays
  • Solves many system-level HDCP Repeater and authentication problems – best-in-class compatibility
  • World-class industrial and human interface design