Key Digital Green Dragon Series KDGDCVSTB



One (brand new) pair Component (YPrPb) HD Video with Stereo Analog Audio over CAT5e/6 Balun via 3 female gold-plated RCA connectors for video and two female gold-plated RCA connectors for audio to RJ45 jack.



Supports component HD Video at 720p or 1080i with analog audio up to 300 ft. for best quality, 600 ft. for good quality

Supports 480i/pvideo up to 1,000 ft. and analog audio to 2,000 ft.

Eliminates COAX or other cabling

Ultra compact size for installation versatility

Carr HD Video and stereo audio from DVD, STB, and other sources to remote displays or distribution location

Ground Loop coupling helps eliminate hum bars

High quality gold-plated RCA connectors