Upstairs Audio & Video vs. Online Shopping

icecream“You can’t taste chocolate ice cream over the internet.”

But there are many other reasons why you should consider shopping your next audio or video project with Upstairs Audio & Video:


See the Difference: If you’re looking for video components, nothing beats seeing the quality first hand. Anything you see on the internet can only rise to the quality level of your computer’s or mobile device’s screen. If you want to know what 4K looks like, you can see it a lot better in person than some approximation on your browser.


Hear the Difference: If you want to hear what a speaker or amplifier can do, you’ll once again be limited by your own computer’s or mobile device’s speakers. This is where it really pays to come in and hear them in person. Listening to music is a very intimate and passionate experience. The components you choose will be life-long companions, so when you choose your sound system make sure you really love it by spending some time with it at Upstairs Audio & Video.


Avoid the Scams: The internet is infamous for fraud and if you’re not careful you can buy a bootleg product. Knock-offs abound in audio and video equipment. Even the chips used to build your component may be inferior knock-offs and you would never know, except that the unit would not deliver the performance promised. If you complain to the company who sold you the product, they’ll often tell you to call the manufacturer. At Upstairs Audio and Video we have long-lasting relationships with our distributors and can guarantee the quality of our products up front.


Trusted and Established: Upstairs Audio and Video has been happily doing business in Columbia since 1972. We are older than many of the companies that make the products we sell. That means we’ll be here when you have questions and, if you are looking to buy, we can offer expert advice on the best equipment available to fill your needs. 45 years in the business has made us aware of what works best within your budget and we’re happy to share that knowledge with you. We care about high performance and we deliver high performance customer service to you, it’s just the way we do business.


What You Really Need: We sell things that are hard to find on the internet. And by shopping locally we can help you choose the right element every time. We sell, set up, and repair turntables and record players, but we also carry a substantial collection of accessories for your phonograph. We have phono cartridges, needles, and styluses which are often hard to find anywhere, let alone on the internet. We even carry cleaners for your records and your stylus which will prolong the life of your needle and keep your music sounding pure for years to come.



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